What is it?

The Genco Clamp® is in essence, a single-use disposable circumcision device. It functions as a unique help-tool to perform circumcision procedures for boys and adult men. A circumcision is, as most of us know, the excision of the foreskin near the coronal sulcus.

The Genco Clamp® is comprised of 3 sterile parts, as you can see in the image on the right.

1. Outer spring clamp

2. Handling unit

3. Inner ring

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Genco Clamp®

Contact information

Genco Supplies B.V.
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North-Holland, The Netherlands

Contact us: +31(6) 4624 4506
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About us

Patented. Approved. Certified. Checked. This is wat we offer clients and performers in our industry. Every aspect of our service and products is based on 15 years of hard work conducted with people from all around the globe. We present to you the ultimate solution in circumcision procedure, the most innovative way in creating comfort, ease, efficiency, speed, and not to forget, safety at every operation table, for any operator. Anytime. Anywhere.