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Dr. Sukru Genco finished studying medicine in 1998 at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born in Gaziantep, Turkey, Sukru Genco was one of many young immigrants coming to West-Europe back in the 70's. The thriving countries needed more hard working men. It were the Dutch and Germans who were reinforced by thousands of immigrant workers coming from Turkey and Morocco. The Genco family in particular, carries a special name in the city of Amsterdam. In the early 70's, it was this family that saw further than 'working for pay', and figured they might work for themselves. And so in 1973, the Genco family were the first ever startup founded by Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands. Not just any startup you'll see today, it was a Turkish oriental restaurant... The skill and knowledge the Turks have regarding food, overall, did surprise many back in the day. The family was now one of those thriving business-owners. All the way up to this day, their stores have been a trademark of themselves, ask any 'Amsterdammer'!

During this time of success, the young Sukru was still in school and wanted nothing more than becoming a doctor. The road from high-school to graduating with Honors, was a tough one. The ones who know the story, can get inspired by only thinking of it. It is safe to say that when young minds tend to think further and bigger than the classroom, people, and even teachers, might try to coach them the wrong way. In other words, there was lack of belief. This might serve as a head wind for some. Some lack the persaverence, some act like airplanes: "Head winds can lift you up, if you spread your wings right!"

Since 2005, he has not only been a respected pediatrician, but a succesfull entrepreneur as well. The VATAN kliniek is West-Europe's go-to circumcision center, with more than 15 locations throughout the Netherlands and Germany. Integrating his optimistic views on patient-comfort and goal-orientation into a business, Dr. Genco has not backed down from a setback since. With multiple succesful companies running (partners), the Genco Clamp project is one that will endure his legacy. His end-all vision for the world: offering a global platform where circumcision procedures are perfected in every detail, whether it's before, during, or after an operation. Without pain. Without fear.

Dr. Mehmet Sukru GENCO, MD. Pediatrician. Entrepreneur.


Have a detailed look where it all started. The Genco Clamp® did not 'just happen'. It was perfected by the use of many different methods, other clamps, other materials, for many years. This is the ultimate product for anyone who recognizes a flaw in a product in our industry. We would be honored to share with you our timeline, and what we came to be as a brand, solution, and innovator in a two-thousand year old industry...


Patented. Approved. Certified. Checked. Of course many manufacturers want to be the best, the ultimate solution. Throw a bit of marketing in there and you might make a profit. In contrast to many, we are willing to make the following claim: we have the best. And sometimes, a patent does not say it all. We provide you with detailed data and information of 15 years hard work in the circumcision industry. Not only will you have it on paper, you'll have it remembered. Find out how...


We live in a world today were the media and politics rule countries and people. Some even have the power to change the direction and determine the state individuals are living in. Accepting this fact is the hard part, but it's the most important step. A mission can be someones life's work. A dream. Asking questions like 'what if' is what determines the state of individuals. In our industry, there are millions of people not treated the way according to medical standars. A lot can be done if we act the 'right' way. We offer this standard, and put it into practice. Find out how...


Looking in the future, our industry is not a challenging one compared to banking or cypto's. Which is why we would call upon those open for opportunity and achievement, to visualize an environement where circumcisions are performed by expertise, knowledge, skill and top of the market equipment. There are so many performers out there who have the skill, but might not have the equipment to call themselves 'great', or vice versa. Everyone in this industry is responsible for the safety, efficiency, and ease of each procedure. In order for everyone to reach this point, we want to share with you our vision. Our platform that we lay out for the world.

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Patented. Approved. Certified. Checked. This is wat we offer clients and performers in our industry. Every aspect of our service and products is based on 15 years of hard work conducted with people from all around the globe. We present to you the ultimate solution in circumcision procedure, the most innovative way in creating comfort, ease, efficiency, speed, and not to forget, safety at every operation table, for any operator. Anytime. Anywhere.