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Since 2005, our company has been a role model in perfecting the manners and methods in which circumcisions are performed. Backed by high European standards, our services and products offer clients a new wave of circumcision expertise by keeping the safety and comfort of the patient in mind, whilst simultaneously optimizing aestethic and medical benefits. Our company offers varying services and products, ranging from sedation to doctor-patient training modules. In other words, those who are interested in optimizing their expertise on circumcision procedures with high-end tech you have never seen in the industry, welcome to the right place.

Why use Genco Clamp®?

  •  Patented. Approved. Certified. Checked.
  •  Safer than alternatives, results in a faster procedure.
  •  Focussed on aestethics.
  •  Highly tolerated by the patients themselves.
  •  Easy to use by doctors and patients.

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Patented. Approved. Certified. Checked. This is wat we offer clients and performers in our industry. Every aspect of our service and products is based on 15 years of hard work conducted with people from all around the globe. We present to you the ultimate solution in circumcision procedure, the most innovative way in creating comfort, ease, efficiency, speed, and not to forget, safety at every operation table, for any operator. Anytime. Anywhere.